Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wedding, Graduation, and Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Well it’s time to Spring into savings! This is the time of year that we are all bombarded with wedding, and graduation invitations.

I use to find it so difficult to decide on a gift but now I have some amazing gift ideas that can work for everyone!

What more could a new bride want than to begin her own Celebrating Home stoneware collection with an amazing Bean Pot, Bean Pot Basket and pair of Bean Pot cook books.

For the month of March anyone who orders a Bean Pot, and Bean Pot Basket at the same time will get the two Bean Pot Cookbooks absolutely FREE! 

This will make a wonderful wedding, graduation, or Mother’s Day gift!

All you have to do is click here , go to customer special under catagory and choose from our beautiful stoneware collection.

It will be shipped directly to your home or to the home of whomever you are shopping for.

And for the graduate in your life, why not consider our new Scents of Home Fragrance Warmers?

These warmers are wonderful for dorm rooms that don’t allow candles and they come in several different styles.  

Our Scents come in Gel form which makes them easy to handle.

They are spill resistant, water-based, environmentally friendly gels infused with premium quality fragrance.

The fragrance continues to release until the gel is completely dissipated, allowing virtually no waste, and easy cleaning!

Be sure to go online and shop my catalog to find the Warmer and Fragrance that is just right for your graduate!

I must say that these are just a couple ideas for the upcoming gift season but there are many more in my Spring catalog so be sure to go here and browse my virtual catalog for all your gift needs.

Remember if you have any questions you can contact me at the email address in the sidebar.

Making  Memories!  

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